Tottenham Dinosaurs roar their dismay at the words of their MP,  Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy

Dinos Hoarding Their Rights Outside Labour HQ

Members of Tottenham Constituency Labour Party, including the Women’s Officer, Disability Officer, LGBT Officer and Secretary,  have written to their MP David Lammy to express their outrage at his recent public statements  equating women who campaign in support of the Party manifesto and Labour’s Equality Act’s sex-based rights with dinosaurs hoarding their rights. He has also claimed, which they refute, that this was not an issue raised with him, and is not one that is raised on the doorstep. Lammy also made the hugely ignorant claim that cervices can be created by surgery and hormones.

Only Women Have A Cervix

LWD have also written to Mr Lammy on 30th September 2021 (copying in with their permission two Labour Peers), to request a meeting with him, in his capacity as Shadow Justice Secretary with responsibility for women in prisons. We urged him to meet with his local CLP members who also wrote on 30th September. No acknowledgement or reply has yet been received by ourselves or the Labour Peers.

Dinosaur Protecting Her Rights Outside Labour HQ

The Tottenham members say:
“Women are not ‘hoarding rights’ and refusing to share them.  The right to single-sex spaces belongs to all women and girls already.  If males, however they identify, are admitted, then we are not sharing rights, we are giving them away altogether – and we will not get them back.”

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