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Tottenham Dinosaurs roar their dismay at the words of their MP,  Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy

Members of Tottenham Constituency Labour Party, including the Women’s Officer, Disability Officer, LGBT Officer and Secretary,  have written to their MP David Lammy to express their outrage at his recent public statements  equating women who campaign in support of the Party manifesto and Labour’s Equality Act’s sex-based rights with dinosaurs hoarding their rights. He has

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#SixWords-For the word ‘person’ substitute ‘woman’

  Call to Action #SixWords – For the word ‘person’ substitute ‘woman’. “Giving birth is not like chairing a meeting. It cannot be done by a person of either sex.” It is beyond belief that it has taken governments 103 years to notice women in government may have babies. We are very pleased to see

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