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Signatories say… Part one

Signatories say

Some of the comments made by signatories of our Declaration


“Hoping labour party starts protecting real women soon as I’m left in no womans land politically atm and I’m sure many others are as well.”

“I fully support this petition. I feel like my rights are being eroded and more upsetting is that these rights being taken away from me are by a Labour Party I have always voted for. I won’t be while they maintain a woman can have a penis. I shall vote reform UK instead.”

“I can’t believe governments across the world say that women, girls & lesbians are no longer allowed any spaces away from biological men. Including where women & girls undress or are vulnerable on a man’s say so.! To even allow a man to self ID rape women & children, have victims call him she, be placed in female prisons and his crimes to be noted as committed by a woman?! Humans can’t change their sex. It’s impossible! Transwomen are men with male behaviour. The rates of rapes, children abuse and murder of women go up every year and governments have done nothing and now you open all our doors to the male population or women are called transphobic and bigots. This period of time will be noted in history and all those who allowed it, personally named! Not to forget the medicalisation of children and the loss of fair sports for women and girls ! Shame on you all!”

“I am a lifelong Labour voter. If Labour do not stick up for women’s sex based rights and continue with their cognitive dissonance around these issues I will no longer see them as my political home.”

“I hope the Labour party adopt this declaration. At the current time, women do not enjoy freedom of association, or freedom of speech in the UK. Our rights are worthy of protection. We as a sex class are not responsible for the feelings of an extremely small group of men. The rights of our sex class must be respected in Labour policy or you will lose votes.”

“I am a woman. It’s in my DNA. It’s not a matter of choice. We now have less rights than we used to enjoy and must retain biological single sex spaces for women. That is in hospital, changing rooms etc, and to allow anyone who is not a biological woman into women’s sports is not only physically dangerous but insulting.”

“I will have great difficulty voting Labour next time because of this nonsense.”

“At the moment I find myself politically homeless thanks to Labour’s stance on women’s rights been eroded by trans rights. No woman has a penis and no man has a cervix. You can not change sex.”

“Tired of feeling afraid to speak about this important issue.”

“This has got to be sorted out by the Labour Party or women’s votes will go to the Tories.”

“Sex is immutable.
Women, children and vulnerable adults needs boundaries and safeguards.
Woman : adult human female.”

“Labour member – it could affect my employment if I share my name and that is why I am signing anonymously.”

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