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LWD Submission to Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish government has presented, in the Scottish Parliament, a Bill to reform the UK-wide Gender Recognition Act (GRA) specifically for Scotland. This follows the UK government’s decision to make no changes to it beyond a reduction in the fee and making the process available online. A call for evidence regarding the provisions of the

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A Further statement on Conversion Therapy

Earlier this year, a consultation on a proposed ban on conversion therapy closed, with enormous numbers of individuals and organisations submitting responses expressing concern about the proposals. Today, via a leak, we have learned that the government is abandoning the plan, and we are relieved. We hope that this means that good supportive services will

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LWD Response to WESC Inquiry into GRA Reform (Nov 2020)

Written evidence submitted  in November 2020 on behalf of Labour Women’s Declaration working group by Alice Bondi  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY i. The Scottish Government’s proposed Bill does not offer a suitable alternative to reforming the GRA [2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4] ii. Considerable problems arise through confusion of the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in the GRA [3.1,

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LWD Submission to Government Conversion Therapy Consultation

  Labour Women’s Declaration working group submitted our response to the government’s Conversion Therapy Consultation on 22nd December 2021. We hope that if you are reading this before the closing date of 4th February 2022, you have either submitted your own response or will be doing so. You may find ideas in our document that

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