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Voting in the NEC elections

Ballots for Labour NEC elections were sent out on 19 October 2020. Voting closes 12 November 2020.
We wrote to all candidates and also did some research on what they had said on the public record. In case you wish to inform your choices based on the information we collected, please see the two lists below. Please understand that we are not endorsing any particular candidates, merely attempting to provide information so you can make an informed choice.
Click on their names for the information we have collected.
List 1: We believe these candidates support the “understanding and enforcement of the single-sex exceptions in service provision”
Esther Giles (Treasurer)
List 2: The following candidates have either stated that they believe that transwomen are women; and/or that they support the existing policy whereby men who identify as women are allowed to stand on All Women’s Shortlists (AWS); and/or they signed the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights Pledge in February 2020, calling for those who express “bigoted, transphobic views” to be expelled from the Labour Party.
Again, click on the names below to see what each candidate had to say:

Kendrick Fowler (Disabled)
George Lindars-Hammond (Disabled)
Kevin Watts (Disabled)
Reg Cotterill (Treasurer)
Vincent Lo (Treasurer)

Kira Lewis (Youth)
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