Statement from Scottish Labour Women’s Declaration

Beira – Queen of Winter

A group of Scottish Labour women activists are demanding that Scottish Labour MSPs reject the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill in the light of yesterday’s ruling by Lady Haldane in the Court of Session on the legal challenge by For Women Scotland.

Scottish Labour Women’s Declaration state that this ruling finally makes clear what the Scottish Government have dodged for the last two years: any male with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) will be able to access single-sex spaces, services and provisions intended for women, simply by declaring they intend to ‘live as’ women. Now that this is clear, any amendments referring to the Equality Act, which try to safeguard women and girls, are toothless. The safety of women and girls cannot be the price of this legislation. We call on Scottish Labour MSPs to uphold the principles of the Equality Act introduced by the Labour government in 2010 and protect women’s sex-based rights. Vote down the Bill.

Signed by former Labour MSPs Jenny Marra, Johann Lamont, Elaine Smith and Marlyn Glen on behalf of Scottish Labour Women’s Declaration

Labour Women’s Declaration is a UK-wide movement started in autumn 2019 to raise the profile of women’s sex-based rights within the Labour Party and wider socialist movement.



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