LWD Cyrmru a brief history

The Labour Women’s Declaration is the work of a movement started in autumn 2019 to raise the profile of women’s sex-based rights within the Labour Party and wider socialist movement.

Women in Welsh Labour had been concerned about the attack on women’s freedom of speech since the autumn of 2017, and were active in standing up for the right of women to meet and speak about our concerns.

We were involved, with other women, in putting on a meeting of Women’s Place UK in Cardiff, in April 2018. We were also involved in campaigning to raise awareness of the proposed reforms of the Gender Recognition Act during the summer and autumn of 2018. Including leafleting at Labour Party Conference.

During 2019 we continued to campaign to raise awareness of the threat to women’s rights under the Equality Act which is posed by the proposal to make “self-ID” of sex easier.

A number of supporters from Wales are among the 300 Founding Signatories of the Labour Women’s Declaration and we have always been represented on the LWD Working Group.

LWD Cymru started to meet as a group, via Zoom, in May 2020 and has continued to meet, more or less monthly, since then.

Now (March 2023) we have over 80 supporters on our email list, with supporters in the majority of constituencies in Wales. Not all our supporters are Labour Party members, but most are. They include a number of Councillors and other elected representatives.

We are always keen to welcome new supporters. If you would like to join us please email LWD Cymru on: lwdcymru@gmail.com.

Please tell us which CLP you are in, if you are a Labour Party member; and please tell us whether you are happy to receive emails as part of an Open list, or whether you would prefer to receive them in Blind Copy.

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