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LWD Submission to Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish government has presented, in the Scottish Parliament, a Bill to reform the UK-wide Gender Recognition Act (GRA) specifically for Scotland. This follows the UK government’s decision to make no changes to it beyond a reduction in the fee and making the process available online. A call for evidence regarding the provisions of the

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Statement in response to the EHRC intervention

We are delighted to sign this joint statement welcoming the two recent responses of the EHRC –  to the Scottish Government’s proposals for  Gender Recognition Act reform and to the UK government’s Conversion Therapy Ban Consultation. “The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s response to the UK Government’s Consultation on conversion therapy and its letter to

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Scottish gender recognition reform bill consultation

The Scottish Government, back in December 2019, set out plans to amend the Gender Recognition Act in the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill . The proposals would allow any man to ‘self declare’ or ‘self identify’ himself to be a woman – and would not require any medical treatment or surgery, or even any change in

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