YouTube channel & website launch

We’ve been quietly working away behind the scenes, adding our previous articles and press releases to our new website, ahead of it ‘going live’ today. Not only that, but we’ve also set up a Labour Women’s Declaration YouTube Channel.

Our first videos are from last month’s #ExpelMe Rally. Links to all these are below. (You can also read transcripts of some of the speeches here and find out about attempts to silence women attending the rally here).

So welcome to the website, thanks for reading and please share it (and our future posts) with those you think will be interested. Spreading the word is an important part of what the Declaration is about.

Visit the channel, via the links below, to hear from those who spoke at the event:

Mary Mason introduces the rally              Message from Johann Lamont MSP

Kiri Tunks of WPUK                                        Bev Jackson of LGB Alliance

Prof. Selina Todd                                              Lucy Masoud

Debbie Hayton                                                   Lachlan Stuart

Paul Embery                                                       Julie Bindel

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#ExpelMe Rally – speeches

Defend me or expel me rally

The #ExpelMe rally (on Mon 9th March 2020) was organised by London supporters of the Labour Women’s Declaration (LWD) and held in support of Woman’s Place UK (WPUK) and the LGB Alliance.

The sold-out rally was attended by around 300 people and was a response to some of the Labour leadership and deputy leadership contenders signing the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights’ pledge. One of the twelve points of this pledge labelled WPUK and the LGB Alliance ‘hate groups’; another called on the Labour Party to expel anyone who supports women’s sex-based rights.

Below are links to PDFs of some of the speeches given at the event.


Bev Jackson speech 9 Mar 20            Kiri Tunks speech 9 Mar 20

Lachlan Stuart speech 9 Mar 20      Lucy Masoud 9 Mar 20