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Scottish Labour Conference rejects motion on Women’s Rights. Trade Unions vote against women’s rights to single-sex spaces and single-sex intimate care

In an unprecedented move, the Scottish Labour Conference has voted against a motion on women’s rights. The original motion had been  agreed and prioritised last November by the Scottish Women’s Conference for debate at the full conference in Glasgow this weekend.
A spokeswoman for Labour Women’s Declaration Scotland said:
“The sight of a sea of men’s hands voting against the motion from women’s conference was chilling. Scottish Labour and the trade unions involved need a long hard look at themselves.
The women’s conference motion was already watered down by the time it reached the conference floor, after it had been amalgamated with another motion from Rutherglen Constituency Labour Party (CLP).
However, in line with Labour policy, and the views of the majority of Labour members and voters in Scotland and across the UK, the motion still clearly supported single-sex spaces for women.
Although the majority  of the CLPs voted for the motion, the block votes of the trade unions voting against, including GMB, Unite and Unison, caused the motion to fail.
NO other motions at conference have been defeated.
NO time was allocated for discussion, and so the women proposing the motion had no opportunity to rebut the objections of those who voted against.
Women are the backbone of the trade union movement.
 Those unions which voted against must  explain what they objected to, and when and where they consulted their women members before making this decision to oppose.
The Scottish Labour Party must explain how members’ views, clearly expressed at Scottish Women’s Conference and in this vote yesterday,  are going to be upheld. We will be seeking an urgent meeting with the leadership at the earliest opportunity to discuss how this is going to be achieved and how they will reassure women that Labour will protect their rights.
We have been delighted to host a stall at this conference which has been buzzing all weekend. We have held respectful conversations with very many party members, trade unionists and politicians and shared copies of our Declaration.
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